Recapture Health and Vitality, Strengthen Immunity, and Learn Effective Life Skills


Thank you for visiting my website. I am really excited to bring the knowledge and practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to my clients. You can find information on all aspects of the treatments we offer on our “Treatments” page.

Dr. Domenic D’Addio

The Science of Acupuncture

“Since 1990, my mission as an acupuncturist and herbalist has been to help my patients get to the underlying causes of their discomforts, recapture their health and vitality, strengthen their immunity, and learn effective life skills to maintain their well being”

Acupuncture has been proven effective for a wide range of conditions including lower back pain, sports injuries, and other traumas. My patients find that Acupuncture is very gentle, effective and there are no side effects.

Dealing with Insomnia

Dealing with Insomnia

Dealing with Insomnia is all about honoring the natural Cycle of Living. Everyone knows that nature is all about cycles of rest and activity. In Chinese medicine, the active part of the cycle is known as “ying” and the restful part of the cycle is known as “yin”. Ideally, we need to have lots of […]