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Traditional acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles slightly under the skin to stimulate the healing response. We also offer needleless (laser) acupuncture and sometimes use them together.

Acupuncture is just one aspect of Chinese Medicine. It is different from Western Medicine as we have come to know it, yet it is easily understood. It is a medical theory based on subtle energies found in the human body. We call this energy “Chi”. There are 14 major pathways of this Chi. Chi is the vital force of life. The balanced and unimpeded flow of Chi is critical to sound health. Any misdirection or blockage leads to discomfort pain and loss of vitality.

By the shallow insertion of needles or other techniques, the acupuncturist stimulates specific points along these pathways to bring balance and help regain the healthy flow of Chi. In this way, all systems in the body interact in a more harmonious way thus allowing the body to repair and heal itself as nature intended.