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Middletown, RI
10/ 10stars

Thank You!

Domenic is a very experienced and knowledgable acupuncturist with a gift for healing. Domenic has really helped me get over some serious healing issues from complications due to a long illness. He has a way of "waking up" the natural energy in my body. I have to say that I am always very energized but calm after his treatments. Today is one of those days!

The Dancing Spirit
10/ 10stars

Thank You

For Domenic , I am so happy I can write a recommendation for you and share your healing talents with others. I learned about Acupuncture about 8 years ago. At first I was nervous, not liking the idea of needles. When I quickly got over that I became grateful for a healing solution without pain killers, radiation or other unnatural medications. I have been going to Dom for a long time, periodically for different reasons. Our health can be directly related to our emotions, causing stress,body tension and pain. Acupuncture can help heal. Dom has helped me with my dance related pain - in my neck, knees and hips.Each time I went to see him for those muscle pains I wasn't sure he could help me, but he did. Recently I went to him because of a very uncomfortable pain in my belly and back which kept me up for 2 nights. I went for a visit on a fri and on a monday. By Wed I was gratefully feeling back to normal. Dom has a wealth of healing information.He doesn't only use needles to cure.He knows and shares much about ancient herbs,teas, moxa, light etc etc. Dom is a philosophical, animated person to talk to with a sense of humor he generously shares while he is healing you.You receive a 2 for 1 healing/ life session when you go for a visit. Any questions, please ask. I can't say enough good things about Dom, the acupuncture physician who can make you feel better using ancient healing.